*Signed Posters for Everyone*


A few months ago, when we were still starting out on this journey, a group of the artists came to Sheffield to rehearse, collaborate and play together. As a result, the first ever Modern Fairies public performance took place in September last year in a Spiegel Tent in Sheffield city centre. We recorded some of the show and you can watch the footage right here:


We'd really love to know what you think about the footage and to hear about your thoughts on the content, introductions from the artists and general vibe of the show. There's a very short survey at this link here:


In exchange for your time and viewing pleasure, we're offering everyone who completes the survey a *signed Modern Fairies poster*.


All the artists who were with us at our recent Gathering at the Sage in January have signed a limited run of posters> here's a picture of the marvelous Lucy Farrell doing her signing duties on a rehearsal break:


We only have a *limited run* of these posters and when they're gone they're gone forever. When we said 'for everyone' what we really meant was for people like you, boy only if you're quick (!)... so do please put the kettle on, watch our wee film and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!


The Modern Fairies Team.

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